Buy artwork shares, trade & profit from the value appreciation.
Platform in development, see brokerage app in Kunst21.app
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What we believe in
Great artworks starting in the low thousands and the best artists are about to come!

Who we are

We are a platform that facilitates the investment in contemporary art, reducing the risk via a diversified portfolio with shares of artworks from different artists.

Person exchanges 400€ through Kunst21 into 400 EURK. Through these utility tokens, painting shares can be bought. After a period of time, the painting is sold in an auction and the profit is distributed amongst the investors. Descrip: Invested Euros are turned into utility tokens which allow the buying of artwork shares. When the selling decision is made the profit is distributed amongst all investors.

What we do

We search for upcoming artists and ensure the quality of the artworks and prices. We divide the ownership of an artwork into shares, with the security provided by blockchain technology.

Kunst21 enacts as an intermediary between investors and gallery owners and artists


You are able to trade sell your shares or place a buy order to increase your position.

Freighter (wallet extension which allows to sign Stellar transactions via the browser)
Own a share of the greatest works
by contemporary artists
Diversify your portfolio and gain full control over a liquid asset
Choose safety, let Kunst21 handle it for you.

Articles and news

New team name, Art3Labs
May 16, 2022

While the platform remains named Kunst21, Kunst being the German word for art and 21 referring to this century and our focus on contemporary art, the team changes its name to Art3Labs.

How to connect art and blockchain. Brokerage app development.
May 10, 2022

During the past six months, the Kunst21 team has been developing the platform that fulfills the mission: crowdinvesting in art, while reducing the risk via a diversified portfolio. In the past we have explained to you why were we building on the Stellar blockchain. Now with this article, you can join us in our journey to organize the technological infrastructure that helped us create the Kunst21 platform.

What moves us to Basel?
Apr 26, 2022

A friendly and well established Swiss legal framework for blockchain based products and the taste of the city towards art, there are plenty of galleries around the city for its relatively small size, 201.000 citizens, is extraordinary and once per year a famous event in the art world is celebrated: Art Basel.

If you are interested in finding out more about the company and the underlying technology, feel free to check out our whitepaper.