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Buy painting shares, trade & profit from the value appreciation
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What we believe in
Great paintings start in the low thousands and the best artists are about to come!

Who we are

We are a platform that facilitates the investment in contemporary art, reducing the risk via a diversified portfolio with shares of paintings from different artists.


What we do

We search for upcoming artists and ensure the quality of the paintings and prices. We divide the ownership of an artwork into shares, with the security provided by blockchain technology.



You are able to trade sell your shares or place a buy order to increase your position.

Own a share of the greatest works
by contemporary artists
Diversify your portfolio and gain full control over a liquid asset
Choose safety, let Kunst21 handle it for you.

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Articles and news

Upcoming Trends
Dec 1, 2021

Find out about art trends developed in 2021 and get to know the Internet Renaissance

Gotje Rubarth is joining the team
Nov 8, 2021

Once more our team has grown. Gotje started in the beginning of November as business development manager to generate even stronger partnerships with our stakeholders and develop a thorough marketing strategy.

Kunst21.com receives second financing: Stellar Community Fund grant
Sep 30, 2021

At the beginning of the month we shared with you the news that we were in the second phase of the Stellar Community Fund round 8, from San Francisco, that promotes the development in Stellar blockchain. We are now pleased to announce that we are amongst the winners and we have received the requested budget of approx. 90.000€ to further develop the platform.