A visit to Petar Bocin's atelier

September 20, 2021

We met Petar Bocin in Palais Sommer, an event in Dresden where different artists from musicians to painters do exhibitions during July and August. After arousing our interest we arrange a visit to his atelier in Dresden to get to know his artworks and what he is working on for the future.

Museums size paintings.

Most of his artworks are usually oil on canvas of big dimensions, close to 2 x 2 m, also he has many drawings and you can see it on the pictures accompanying this post. We missed some of the paintings in his website as he keeps some of them in Czech Republic, where a gallery sells these paintings and where he also takes part in exhibitions.

Let's start from his education towards being an artist

Bocin was born in Bulgaria, although grew up in Czech Republic, where he studied at secondary Art School in Ostrava and followed with a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ostrava University,Drawing Studio at Doc. Mgr. Josef Daněk (CZ) 2011 – 2016. While studying his master's degree he did an exchange semester in Malaga,Spain, and a second one in Dresden, Germany, where he later on would moved to study a second master under Prof. Ralf Kerbach, at the well known Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. (HfBK Dresden).

Big canvas, drawings and also fire extinguishers

A part from the classic canvas and paper he also has painted some fire extinguishers since a long time ago, at his atelier in Dresden we were able to see one.

His inspiration come mainly from local artists or Czech artists. His favorite German painters are: Jürgen Böttcher (aliasStrawalde), A.R. Penk and Max Beckerman.

He will be part of an exhibition in Dresden in coming weeks.

Check his portfolio directly on his website or follow him on Instagram



Disclaimer: the founder, J.F. Branch, owns a painting and several drawings by the artist.