New team name, Art3Labs

May 16, 2022

While we love our current name Kunst21, we have decided to change our team name to Art3Labs.

We are starting a new company in Switzerland to offer a more secured investment product to our customers in every sense, thanks to the legal recognition for ledger-based  (blockchain) transactions of shares to a safe storage for the custodied artworks, in the most respectful country towards private property. 

While the platform remains named Kunst21, Kunst being the German word for art and 21 referring to this century and our focus on contemporary art, the team changes its name to Art3Labs.

What does Art3Labs stand for?

Ar3Labs, shows our commitment to the newly developed blockchain based products. While Web 2.0 platforms did not offer user-owned networks, Web 3.0 platforms, based on blockchain technologies, also known as Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs)  are transferring responsibility to the community via direct ownership. Through community participation, it can be ensured that  the fund remains aligned with its  users.

Art: our core business and the focus of our current and future innovation.

3: from Web3, a term claimed by the users in the ownership era of the web. 

Labs:  abbreviation of laboratories, it shows our spirit towards creating innovative investment products. 

The company and the founder will be based in Basel, Switzerland, with team members in Prague, Czech Republic, and Dresden, Germany.

While the Kunst21 platform remains our focus and will be brought to you as soon as the legal entity in Switzerland is ready, the team will also develop other investment products, such as BaselDAO. See:

Check the website which will be updated as the projects do. For more detailed information click here

John Felipe Branch

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