How it works
Kunst 21 offers shares of promising artworks. Through shared ownership investors are able to combine advantageous financial prospects with their passion for art. This allows for more liquidity in the art market and to minimize the risk through diversification. Cutting-edge blockchain technologies allow for all transactions to be forgery-proof while keeping transaction costs to a minimum. Buy shares now to profit from value appreciation.
In case of questions feel free to consult our Q&A section or contact us via email at
Why Kunst21?
Table of a comparison of Kunst21 to Auction houses, art galleries and art investment funds

The entire process from purchase, member transactions on the exchange, to profit sharing is based on the Stellar blockchain. The use of the systematic methods offered by blockchain technology enables:

If you are ready to invest, follow the process described below
  1. Please sign up to create an account with us and you will receive an email confirmation within 3 business days.
  2. Create a Freighter account if you do not have one yet.
  3. Transfer funds and get the platforms currency EURK.
  4. Now you can acquire, accumulate or sell your shares on the Kunst21 App.

If you are interested in finding out more about the company and the underlying technology, feel free to check out our whitepaper and our question and answers section.

Information if you are an artist

The artworks displayed on this website stem from small as well as famous artists. Rather than the degree of popularity of creators Kunst21 focuses on the potential an artwork inherits. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and cooperations. Therefore feel free to get in touch with us in case you have promising artworks to offer. In case of questions feel free to consult our Q&A section or contact us via email at
YOU CAN ALSO DIRECTLY Contact us with your portfolio-website VIA EMAIL