How it works
  1. The Kunst 21 team proposes several artworks, they can also be proposed by Kunst 21 members in which case the team will contact the artist or gallery to ensure availability and price.
  2. Each member decides which artwork to invest in and how many shares to purchase. If 100% of the shares are reserved within 21 days, Kunst 21 will purchase the artist's painting and distribute the shares to the investors.
  3. The artwork is professionally and securely stored in our premises, with the possibility of a visit by prior arrangement. From the moment of purchase, the process of shipping, to the storage the painting is insured.
  4. Should more than half of the shareholders consider an art object to be worth selling, it will be offered for sale at a monthly auction. Once the sale is completed, the profits are distributed among the investors.
  5. If you decide to sell your shares during the time you are waiting for the final auction, a trading platform is available where you can put them up for sale or buy them from another member of the community at the original purchase price or as you wish.
Other market actors vs us

The entire process from purchase, member transactions on the exchange, to profit sharing is based on the Stellar blockchain. The use of the systematic methods offered by blockchain technology enables: