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Upcoming Trends
Dec 1, 2021

Find out about art trends developed in 2021 and get to know the Internet Renaissance

Gotje Rubarth is joining the team
Nov 8, 2021

Once more our team has grown. Gotje started in the beginning of November as business development manager to generate even stronger partnerships with our stakeholders and develop a thorough marketing strategy. receives second financing: Stellar Community Fund grant
Sep 30, 2021

At the beginning of the month we shared with you the news that we were in the second phase of the Stellar Community Fund round 8, from San Francisco, that promotes the development in Stellar blockchain. We are now pleased to announce that we are amongst the winners and we have received the requested budget of approx. 90.000€ to further develop the platform.

A visit to Petar Bocin's atelier
Sep 20, 2021

A visit to Bocin's atelier. We met Petar Bocin in Palais Sommer, an event in Dresden where different artists from musicians to painters do exhibitions during July and August. After arousing our interest we arrange a visit to his atelier in Dresden to get to know his artworks and what he is working on for the future.

Stellar Community Fund grants, we entered the second phase
Sep 2, 2021

During August we applied to get fundings by the Stellar Development Foundation, who invests in new projects built on top of the Stellar blockchain.

First financing for the company
Jul 2, 2021

In November 2020 the founder J.F. Branch participated in an investor pitch to get 12.000€ financing for innovative ideas from Saxony, a German Federal State.

Alejandro Perez is joining the team
Jul 2, 2021

As systems analyst is joining the team to further develop the stock exchange, brings hardware and business knowledge.