About us
Meet our team - Art3Labs
Photo of brown-haired smiling man wearing a blue sweater
Alejandro Perez

Operations and systems analyst (Prague)

Photo of a dark-haired smiling man with beard wearing a white shirt
John Felipe Branch

Founder and blockchain architect (Basel)

Photo of a dark-haired man in an orange jacket with the ocean in the background
Raul Ocana

External consultant. Fullstack software engineer and blockchain expert (Malaga)

Photo of a blonde women wearing a white blouse in front of a glass building
Gotje Rubarth

Business development manager and partnerships (Dresden)

Our story

Both founders studied in Malaga, Picasso's birthplace, one of them discovered the love for art there. Although coming from the same city they met in Dresden during an exchange year abroad, both shared a passion for financial products and the possibilities brought by blockchain technologies.

John Felipe: "After many years of looking at paintings and with few opportunities to buy, due to high cost of good art and the unavailability of a suitable storage space, I decided to dedicate myself to this project. My experience in the art world is based on countless visits to museums, painting on canvases over the last four years, and buying artworks."

Alejandro studied engineering because of its ability to shape the future with the tools we have now. Ever since, successfully launched an industrial product, worked for two worldwide companies, and countless of personal projects. "Kunst21 is the best opportunity to apply my operational knowledge to connect the art world and the small art-loving investors."

Our mission

"Allow everyone to invest and reduce the risk when buying art."

Our vision

"Providing liquidity to contemporary art investments we achieve more stable prices, bringing new investors into art."

Become part of our team

We are connecting the financial and creative economy, from our office in Dresden (Germany). Including part-time remote roles, in German and English.
Send your application to info@kunst21.com.


Black and orange logo of the University of Applied Sciences Dresden FutureSAX logo in the colors green, purple, blue and yellowStellar Development Foundation logo

The HTW Dresden, university of applied sciences, has a coworking, where we were offered workspace, as well as management and legal support.

FutureSAX through the Saxony Development Bank gave us a €12,000 grant for the year 2021, after a successful investor pitch.

We are using the Stellar network to connect customers.
The Stellar Community Fund granted us with USD 111,600 for the future development of our platform.
We are an independt service built on Stellar blockchain.

Find more information about other projects of Art3Labs in following page: art3labs.ch